Missing in Arkansas was founded in 2019 by a sister who, following the traumatic search and loss of her brother, saw the need for an organization that could walk with families and provide them the support they need to make it through each day.  We remain dedicated to our founding mission and strive to protect and serve the missing and their families through each step of the location and recovery process.   MIA staff provides support for missing cases to families and investigators.

Services for families in crisis include:

24/7 Crisis Case Management and Information and Referral

We provide general safety information, Arkansas Crime Victims Reparations Program Advocacy, search-and-rescue resources, and law enforcement liaison services to searching families twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.  If you need help with a missing person case now, Get Help here.

Law Enforcement and Media Liaison Services

Our Law Enforcement and Media Liaison Services are available to families during the search process.  We can act as a knowledgeable, yet neutral, liaison between the law enforcement agency assigned the case, news and media outlets, and the searching family.

Missing Person Flyer Production and Distribution

We can assist families in producing missing person flyers in-house and distributing them to the local community, as well as creating and distributing digital flyers via social media outlets.

Families of the Missing Support Group

Left-behind family members of the missing face a unique set of challenges as they continue the search for missing loved ones. The Families of the Missing Support Group offers connection, support, and understanding for those experiencing a missing persons case. It is a time for family members to talk, listen, and seek advice from others to ensure each person receives the support they need to make it through each day. To protect the privacy of family members, this is a closed group available only to those with a missing family member.  The Family Portal is located at ArkansasCenterForTheMissing.org.  Contact MIA’s Case Management (To Be Announced) at casemanager@missinginarkansas.org for information about registration.

Missing in Arkansas, Inc. does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, disability, or age in the delivery of any services.